Sarah Gagliardo


 Southern born and raised.

Things she loves: french macarons, good bourbon, home cooked meals, spending a day on the water, the smells of fall and winter, boots, plaid, my cat, cooking shows, bacon, wine, scarves (to which I will never have too many), the sound of a screen door squeaking shut on a front porch, biscuits, bluegrass, and anything peppermint.



Marisa Stickel

Staff Writer

Marisa Stickel is always scouring places for good coffee, tacos, and beer. She is a WV native who claims Wilmington, NC as her real forever home, and she loves reading, writing, and dancing. Although she is currently living in the mountains working on her PhD in English, she is counting down the days until she can move back to the coast.




Kendall Rogers

Staff Writer

Some of Kendall’s favorite things include dogs, books, the beach, and vegan food. She is an avid watcher of The Office and is currently obsessed with all things astrology. She was born and raised in North Carolina and has no plans of leaving anytime soon!