A busy, stormy summer

Hi everyone! As we are nearing the end of hurricane season, I believe all of NC is just holding their breath, hoping that we can make it through the last bit of the year without any more destruction.

Being located in Wilmington, there’s no doubt that I saw first hand what Florence did as she came through. Most of the community is rebuilding, but some of the places that make NC great are really struggling.

Now that the dust has settled, here’s a few ways you can help locally:

Vivian Howard is selling a “Country as Cornbread” shirt to help with relief efforts. It’s cute, and helps those that really need it! Get the information for that here.

The Pender County Animal Shelter took in a lot of pets during the storm, and they still need help and assistance! Learn more here.

Plus there are still upcoming event for those wanting to attend something in person.

This event is the 28th of October and this event takes place November 8th for areas around Wrightsville Beach.

I hope you, reader, weathered the storm, and came out alright on the other side. Love from the crew here at Roots, Hooves, and Honey.

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