Oh Honey…

Well, here in Eastern NC, the rain just won’t stop. Wilmington has had 53″ of rain this year alone! Too much rain.

Turns out, it’s had an effect in Western NC too.

My mom, a first generation bee keeper, reported to me that her bees didn’t have honey this year. There can be so many factors in why, but the weather this year really threw off the blooming season for mom’s wildflowers and the sourwood trees around the farm, so alas, nothing to rob from the hives this season.  Which means, no honey for us this year. (We’re happy to have some stocked up though!)

It’s a big bummer, as I use honey for so much. Allergy medicine? Yup… spoonful of local honey. Face wash? Yup, you can use it for that too!

I’ve gotten into the habit of washing my face with raw honey, and it’s made an amazing difference. I know what you’re thinking… “Wait, honey is sticky and sugary?! Doesn’t it make you break out?”

Nope! Honey actually has natural antibacterial properties! And you will never feel cleaner after washing your face with  honey… refreshed in a way words cannot describe.

With all the rain, it’s easy to get into a funk. So, I took the time to make a full body scrub with honey the other day, and it gave me a great mood boost!

Take a coarse sea salt (grab a local NC product if you can) Mix in honey until you have a thick paste, and then squeeze in the juice of one lemon or lime (I used a lime). Scrub yourself down in the shower with it, and rinse. Get ready to be amazingly clean, and feeling bright and refreshed! Trust me… it’s just the pick-me-up you need in this rainy weather.

Find honey from a local NC beekeeper here.


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