The Oyster Process

I love oysters, and although I’ve fishmongered, harvested my own, and eaten them from a variety of waters and states, there’s still so much I want to know about them. Specifically, I want to know more about the NC oyster.

While I am doing a deep dive into oysters over the next few weeks, here’s a few things I found interesting:

Did you know that George Washington had a fondness for the pea crab (that little sucker you find harboring your oyster)?

Do you have a fondness for oyster shooters? (My family sure does!) Here’s a recipe for one that looks amazing! 

Who knew that the water from Atlanta effected oysters in the Gulf so much? A great listen! 

An app for Oyster Lovers!  (Pssst…their Instagram is pretty drool worthy too!)

How do you like your oysters?

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